Growth and scaling for enterprise and consumer software, SaaS/PaaS, mobile apps, gaming, and B2B2C marketplaces

Product marketing for apps and business software

Our services

Go-to-market strategy: market research, acquisition channels, and tools.
NOTA Mole (US, 2021)
CVMira (Poland, 2021)
GetFloorPlan (US, 2022)
Encvoy (Spain, 2022)
Mobile apps promotion: appstore optimization & conversion rate optimizations (ASO & CRO), as well as paid user acquisition.
AdGuard VPN (since 2019)
Draewil (ME, Kuwait, 2019)
Muver (US, 2022) (Global, 2021)
Dragon Family (US, 2021)
Public relations: editorial services and media relations
AdGuard (since 2017)
AlignedResearch (2020) (2022)
Product soft launch: test launches with measurable outcomes, hypothesis check
Content production: editorial and media tailored to marketing channels: email, social media, blogging
OptimaJet (Global devtools)
Eyerene (YCombinator S'21)
InsightArc (Alchemist S'21)

Content marketing: planning, production, and publishing. Sponsored and guest expert-grade articles on LinkedIn and other platforms
iSpring (Global, 2015)
Recovery Toolbox (2018)
FastVideo (2020-2021)
Content localization: UX copywriting and proofreading by high-tech industry experts

Our cases

Our team

  • Vitaliy Yanko
    managing partner
    Business development and marketing in Tech and Academia since 2001
  • Natalia Solovyeva
    Business development and marketing in Tech since 2006
  • Tim Vatolin
    head of content
    Content management and business research since 2014
  • Brian Tarr
    head of localization
    US native, proofreader, voiceover artist and UX copywriter in Tech since 2013
  • Alexey Pisarev
    PR Director
    Specializing in technology PR since 2008. Experienced IT journalist working in IT and telecom industry since 2006
  • Tatiana Tepenitsyna
    project manager
    Project manager with technical background and experience in startups

Locations and contacts

Tbilisi • Paphos • Yerevan • Łuków
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